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Pay 3 nights for 4 nights – Time-limited offer!
Mombasa Holidays from 1st April – 30th June. 4 Days, 3 Nights from Ksh 15,000 ONLY.
DEPARTURES FROM 1st April- 30th June.

Please book early for the best prices.
Ideal for Groups, Families, honeymooners and singles.
Fauna Mid year experience all inclusive packages include: breakfast, lunch, dinner, soft and selected alcoholic drinks, snacks, kids clubs, entertainment and honeymooners specials.


Per person sharing



Per person sharing


Neptune Village South Coast Kes 17,100 AI Kes 26,200  AI
Leisure Lodge Beach Resort South Coast Kes 18,800 HB Kes 25,000 AI
Baobab Beach  Resort South Coast Kes 19,615 AI Kes 26,200 AI
Diani Sea Lodge South Coast Kes 21,750 AI Kes 29,000 AI
Neptune Paradise South Coast Kes. 21,960 AI Kes. 29,300 AI
Leopard Beach Resort South Coast Kes 22,800 HB


Kes 25,100  HB


Diani Sea Resort South Coast Kes 23,800  AI Kes 31,700  AI
Pine Wood Beach resort South Coast Kes 23,000 HB Kes 29,750 HB
Southern Palms  Beach Resort South Coast Kes 24,500 AI Kes 32,600 AI
The Sands @ Chale South Coast Kes 25 900 HB Kes 42,020  HB
Diani Reef South Coast Kes 26,000  HB Kes 34,600  HB
Amani Tiwi  Beach Resort South Coast Kes 29,100 AI Kes.38,800 AI
Swahili Beach Resort South Coast Kes 29,950 HB Kes 39,950 HB
The Sands @ Nomad South Coast Kes 31,515  HB Kes 42,020 HB
Kenyan coastMeals on HB-half board holiday Rates include; breakfast and dinner, adult entertainment, kids club/activities

Rates exclude: Transport which we can organize


Sun n Sand North Coast Ksh 15,640 HB Kes 20,900 HB
Plaza Beach Hotel North Coast ksh 16,400 HB Kes 21,800 HB
Azul margarita North Coast Kes 16,500 HB Kes 22,000 HB
Neptune Beach Resort North Coast Kes  19,020 AI Kes 25,400 HB
Bamburi Beach meals North Coast Kes 19,020  AI Kes 25,360 AI
Nyali Sun Africa North Coast Kes 19,500 AI Kes 26,000 AI
Voyager Beach Resort North Coast Kes 20,610 AI Kes 35,100 AI
Reef Hotel North Coast Kes 21,900 HB Kes 29,200 HB
Pride Inn Paradise Beach North Coast Kes  23,715 HB Kes 31,620 HB
Sarova White sands North Coast


Kes 24,990 HB Kes 33,320 HB
Flamingo Beach Resort North Coast Kes 26,300 AI


Kes 35,100 AI
Travellers Beach Resort North Coast Kes 29,340 AI


Kes 39,120 AI
English Marina Point North Coast Kes 35,955 HB Kes 51,940 HB
Jacaranda Beach Resort Watamu Kes. 19,320 AI Kes. 25,760 AI
Turtle Bay Watamu Watamu Kes 20,500 AI Kes 27,300 AI
Sandies Tropical Village meals on all inclusive  @ 21800 Watamu Kes 21,800 AI Kes 29,000 AI
7Island Beach Watamu Watamu Kes.23,100 AI  Kes.30,800 AI
Malindi  Dream Garden Malindi Kes 24,500 AI Kes 32,600 AI
Temple Point Watamu Malindi Kes 28,800 AI Kes 38,400 HB
Hemingways Watamu Watamu Kes. 33,500 HB Kes.44,685 HB
Diamond Dream of Africa Malindi Kes. 35,400 AI Kes.47,200 AI
Ocean Beach Malindi Malindi Kes.46,400 HB Kes. 61,800 HB
Please note:

Our rates are based on per person sharing a room, please request for single room and child rates



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