5 Reasons you should visit Kenya for Vacation!

5 Reasons you should visit Kenya for Vacation!

5 Reasons you should visit Kenya for Vacation!

Are you looking for a perfect adventure? Plan your next vacation to Kenya! Kenya is a diverse and fascinating country with a lot to of adventure for travelers. Here are top 5 interesting things why you should plan your next vacation to Kenya.

  1. Safari Paradise.

Kenya is one of the best safari destination in Africa. Famous for its striking landscapes and vast wildlife preserves, Kenya has many times be referred to as the Safari capital of the world. In fact, Kenya’s Capital City-Nairobi, is the only city in the world with a national park. Kenya boasts over 50 national parks including the great Masia Mara, popular for the Wildebeest migration between July and September, Amboseli, Tsavo, Lake Nakuru, Nairobi National Park and many more. Kenya inhabits all the big five (lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and the rhinos) in its national parks and thousands of bird species. Lake Nakuru is perfect for wet safaris and bird watching while an adventure to Amboseli and Tsavo East gets you reals close to Elephants. The diverse resorts and camps in the national parks elevates your safari experience in Kenya and makes it worth your while.

Explore this and many more on an adventurous vacation to Kenya!

  1. Kenya’s Coastal Beaches

Kenya’s coastal beaches should definitely be on top of your bucket list when you are looking for an unforgettable summer vacation in a tropical paradise. Kenya boasts a large coastline along the Indian ocean with four popular beach destinations. The Kenyan coast is full of unique activities, spectacular sceneries, perfect weather, resorts and hotels for romantic getaway, friends’ vacation and family vacations. Diani beach is one of the top beach destinations in Africa for its hassle-free atmosphere, the Palm-fringed white sands, a wide range of hotels and adventurous activities to explore including scuba diving at Kisite Marine Reserve. Mombasa provides a lively atmosphere for beach lovers to experience an outstanding sun and sea vacation. Shimba Hills National Reserve provides a combination of beach and safari experience in Mombasa. The majestic islands of Lamu and Manda offer perfect honeymoon destination for an exotic beach holiday adventure. Lamu Island is famous for the Swahili style beach villas and deep sea fishing. Malindi is the center of some of the best beach resorts in Africa. Malindi is a perfect destination to for deep sea fishing, diving and snorkeling at the Malindi National Park.

Kenya’s coast is definitely a fine location for a breathtaking vacation and unforgettable adventure. Book your holidays now!

  1. The beautiful lakes of the great rift valley

The Great Rift Valley is one of the spectacular attraction in Kenya with a mix of stunning lakes, wildlife, birds, escarpment and beautiful landscapes. The Great Rift Valley is among the top tourist destination in Kenya among others. The lakes of The Great Rift valley offer diverse tour experience and other outdoor activities. Lake Nakuru is home of the largest home for the black rhinos and is excellent for bird watching with over 400 identified bird species. Naivasha is undoubtedly the most exciting for lovers outdoor activities including boat safaris where you get real close to many hippos. Hell’s Gate National Park is packed with outdoor activities. The soaring cliffs and striking landscapes of the park make it ideal for hiking and rock climbing. Hell’s Gate National Park is among the few parks in Kenya with no predators making it appealing for camping, guided nature walks and bike riding. The crescent island sanctuary in Naivasha has the largest animal population density per acre (mostly giraffes, waterbucks, zebras and wildebeests) which you get to enjoy on a horseback safari. The hot springs and geysers of Lake Bogoria is another exciting activity to explore by nature lovers. The geysers are spectacular to watch jetting up to 16 feet high. The shores of the lake is a great attraction to flamingoes because of the blue green algae. A visit to the great lakes of the Rift Valley to swim and soak in the hot springs of Lake Magadi which are natural and safe.

Are you ready to Visit the Great Lakes of the Rift Valley? Book your tour now!

  1. Explore Nairobi

Kenya’s capital city is an exciting city to explore on a short stopover before embarking on a safari, a visit to the great lakes of rift valley or a tropical vacation to Kenya’s exciting beaches. Nairobi offers a range of exciting activities to explore such as game viewing, cultural and historical tours, souvenir shopping and city tour. Nairobi is the only city in the world with a national park within it. The giraffe center is a protected sanctuary for the once endangered Rothchild giraffe species where you get to learn, view and even feed the giraffes from a specially built platform. The sanctuary was established to protect the Rothchild species and also exits to educate the public about the amazing wildlife and environment in Kenya that needs protection. Nairobi city adventure cannot be complete without a tour to the various cultural centers including the National Museum, The Bomas of Kenya and The Kenyatta International Convention Center.

Souvenir shopping tops everything about travelling to a new destination and Nairobi City is no short of that. Nairobi city brings together the diverse cultures in the country making it perfect for souvenir shopping and cultural tour. Ranging from food, cultural artifacts, clothing and other urban cultures including matatu graphics and tour. A private tour exclusively for souvenir shopping in Nairobi with an experienced guide guarantees some quality souvenir and an adventure of its own kind. Some of the notable centers to visit for souvenir tour and shopping include Kazuri Beads Factory, Utamaduni Crafts Centre, the Maasai Market, and Galleria Shopping Mall.



  1. Hiking on Mount Kenya

Kenya is home of Africa’s second highest mountain, Mount Kenya. It offers a fantastic opportunities for trekking, climbing and exploring its diverse vegetation including glaciers and alpine vegetation. Climbing Mount Kenya is an exciting and rewarding adventure for tourists looking for new experience. The mountain is 5,199 meters tall and takes around to 4-5 days to reach its highest peak at Batian. Batian is the highest and hardest to reach as it requires much more physical fitness and experience in hiking. The other two, Nelion and Point Lenana summit are slightly lower, however Point Lenana summit is the popular one as climbers do not require much technical hiking skills. The thrill of Climbing Mount Kenya is enhanced by the  different routes with varying difficulty levels depending on physical fitness and hiking experience. From the summit of Mount Kenya, you get a stunning panoramic views of the Kenyan plains and other Mountain peaks surrounding Mount Kenya. You may also get a glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro, highest in Africa, from the top of Mount Kenya. You may need a pre-dawn start on the final day climb to enjoy watching the sunrise beautifully casting its rays over the savannah.


Kenya offers a diverse range of experiences, from wildlife safaris, beach vacations, outdoor excursions and cultural immersions, making it an excellent destination for a memorable vacation.

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