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Mombasa Christmas/New year Holiday Packages – Early Bird Offers

Christmas is around the corner and hotels are filling up faster than you can imagine. If you wait for the last minute, you won’t find a hotel room and even if you find one, you would most likely end up paying ridiculous amount of money.

The last thing you would want is missing your Mombasa Christmas holidays just because you were late in booking your hotel.

At Fauna Safaris, we work with the best hotels in the coastal region and we can get you deals you won’t find anywhere else. 

Let’s book your Mombasa Christmas holidays for you in advance. All you need to do is pay a small deposit to reserve your slot. 

To make a reservation, call/whatsapp us on 0724 648 730, 0780 999 993, 0780 999 994 or fill in the form at the bottom of this page

Rates include:

  • 5 days or 6 days accommodation in a standard room in one of the hotels listed below
  • Meals on all inclusive(breakfast, lunch, dinner, both soft and selected alcoholic drinks, snacks, tea)
  • Adults entertainment, kids clubs/activities

Please note: Our rates are based on per person sharing a room, please request for single room and child rates




Per person sharing


Per per​son sharing

Diani Sea Lodge

Kes 44,800 AI

Kes 56,000  AI

Diani Sea Resort

Kes 48,800 AI

Kes 61,000  AI

Neptune Village Beach Resort

Kes 50,000  AI

Kes 62,600  AI

Amani Tiwi beach Resort

Kes 57,200  AI

Kes 71,500  AI

Baobab Beach Resort

Kes 61,200  AI

Kes 76,500  AI

Neptune Paradise Beach Resort

Kes 64,400  AI

Kes 80,500  AI

Southern Palms Beach Resort

Kes 67,000  AI

Supplement Applicable

Kes 83,800  AI

Supplement Applicable

Leisure Lodge Resort

Kes 52,900  HB

Kes 66,100  HB

Pinewood Beach Resort

​Kes 47,200  HB

Supplement Applicable

Kes 59,000  HB

Supplement Applicable

Diani Reef Beach Resort

Kes 60,000  HB

Kes 75,000  HB

Leopard Beach Resort

Kes 60,400  HB

Kes 75,500  HB

The Sands At Chale

​Kes 61,600  HB

Supplement Applicable

Kes 77,000  HB

Supplement Applicable

Swahili Beach

Kes 78,600  HB

Kes 98,200  HB

The Sands at Nomad

​Kes 83,700  HB

Supplement Applicable

Kes 104,600  HB

Supplement Applicable




Per person sharing


Per per​son sharing

Flamingo Beach Resort

Kes 50,400  AI

Kes 63,000  AI

Mombasa Neptune Beach

Kes 50,800  AI

Kes 63,500  AI

Bamburi Beach Hotel

Kes 58,000  AI

Kes 72,500  AI

The Reef Hotel

Kes 62,500  AI

Kes 78,200  AI

Nyali Sun Africa Beach Hotel & SPA

Kes 64,400  AI

Kes 80,500  AI

Voyager Beach Resort

Kes 51,600  AI

Kes 64,500  AI

Sun N Sand Beach Resort

Kes 39,000  FB Kes 48,800  FB

Plaza Beach Hotel

Kes  47,200  HB

Kes 59,000  HB

Mombasa Continental Resort

Kes 54,400  HB Kes 68,000  HB

Severin Sea Lodge

Kes 57,200  HB

Kes 71,500  HB

Travellers Beach Hotel

Kes 65,200  HB

Kes 81,500  HB

Serena Beach Resort

​Kes 63,900 HB (23rd-27th Dec)

Kes 68,800  HB (28th Dec-1stJan)

​Kes 79,800 HB (23rd-27thDec)

Kes 86,000  HB (28th Dec-1st Jan)

Englishpoint Marina Hotel

Kes 67,600  HB

Kes 84,500  HB

Prideinn Paradise Beach

Kes 80,300  HB Kes 100,300  HB

Sarova Whitesands

Kes 77,800  FB

Kes 97,300  FB




Per person sharing


Per per​son sharing

Silverpalm Spa & Resort

Kes 79,300  HB

Kes 99,100  HB

Sandies Tropical Village

Kes 34,000 AI (23rd-27th Dec)

Kes 62,100 AI (28th Dec-7thJan)

Kes 42,400 AI (23rd-27thDec)

Kes 77,700 AI (28th Dec-7thJan)

Diamond Dream of Africa

Kes 62,100 AI (23rd-27th Dec)

Kes 83,900  AI (28th Dec-7thJan)

Kes 77,700  AI (23rd-27thDec)

Kes 104,900 AI (28th Dec-7th Jan)

Temple Point Resort

Kes 48,000  HB

Supplement Applicable

Kes 59,900  HB

Supplement Applicable

Turtle Bay Beach Resort

Kes 65,900  AI

Kes 82,400  AI

Ocean Sports Resort

Kes 41,100  HB

Kes 51,300  HB

Mwamba Guest House

Kes 20,000  HB Kes 22,500  HB

Seven Island Beach Resort

Kes 43,200  HB

Kes 54,000  HB

Ocean Beach Resort

Kes 47,200 HB Kes 59,000 HB

Medina Palms

Kes 64,000  BB

Kes 79,900  BB

Hemingways Watamu

Kes 155,500  BB

Kes 194,400  BB

Please fill in the form below to make your reservation

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